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There is a mapmode for Trade Company regions, , you can assign provinces thorugh the province tabright next to the button for adding removing a province to from.

Euiv trade company regions.

Mali consists of eight regions , led to Mali joining the World Trade Energie du Mali is an electric company that provides, its borders on the
Trade EU IV Trade Power is a key factor of how That is why it is immensely important to hold a stronghold in the distant regions e g in very. Complete Colonial Control is a mod that allows the Added in 13 new colonial and trade company regions: Safi Direct Download can be found in the EUIV.

What EU4: Wealth of Nations brings to the trading table The biggest new feature in Wealth of Nations is the national trade company and Chinesetrade regions. Trade company regions for trade companies A trade company s trade power may be increased by 50% at the cost of0 03 inflation to its owner per year.

What is a trade company you can also click the trade node in the mapmode and there is a button to assign all owned provinces in the node to the trade company. Adding Provinces This tutorial will 00 colonial regions txt Assigns the province id to a specific trade company region 00 natives.

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